Healthy sleep is the sleep from which one wakes up rested, energetic and cheerful. From all that hinders this dream, you need to get rid of. If you have a cold in the apartment, and you can't sleep because your feet get cold, feel free to wear socks. Only choose such models, elastic bands which will not interfere with circulation.

During the cold socks are just necessary. They provide blood flow to the feet and helps faster recovery. Traditional "first aid" for a cold is wool socks with loose inside the mustard powder. Going to bed in a "uniform", be prepared for the fact that in the morning you can Wake up perfectly healthy.


Doctors say that the socks elastic band constricts blood vessels and prevents normal blood circulation. One can not fully sleep when it interferes with something, he feels the desire to get rid of the unwanted subject. That is why many people who fall asleep during a cold and his socks in the morning to find them anywhere but on their own feet.

Special attention is needed to treat the issue of sleep in your socks in that case, if we are talking about children. If you think cold, think twice before to put on his socks for the night. The human body has a built mechanism of thermoregulation, and if the child opens up and drops the blanket, then most likely he's just hot. Besides, some people just can't sleep in clothes, feeling this discomfort, so putting on baby socks, you can disrupt sleep baby.

Socks for sleeping

Fortunately for "he", the industry also produces medical socks that can be used during sleep. These products are made from natural cotton and linen threads, and contain no synthetics and are not preventing the blood circulation. Their main feature is the absence of gum.

Medical socks are also used by people suffering from diabetes. These products are popular with travelers, drivers and anyone who spends a lot of time on my feet. Because elastic models are not, then the circulation they do not interfere.

If you sleep not alone, pick up those socks to your partner it was a pleasure to look at you. Thick, knitted, woolen products put on the case if you get sick: in case of illness partner will understand you and forgive. If I can't sleep barefoot, select slim, beautiful socks in neutral colours.