Every person has his own norm of sleep. But most of the doctors suggest sleep all sleep 8 hours, that's how much the human body requires time to recover strength and energy.

If the person gets tired very quickly, is in a constant nervous tension, feeling of drowsiness and weakness, it means that the person sleep deprived. And as a result, prone to fatigue and depression, not to mention the lack of discipline and beauty of appearance. It is because people feel bad if you sleep a little.

What are the consequences of lack of sleep for human health

If the person is not enough sleep-this helps to increase blood pressure, decrease hormone, suppressing appetite, leptin, change in blood sugar levels. In addition, significantly reduced immunity, because the body becomes less protected and exposed to various diseases.
Only during sleep produces the hormone, which has anti-inflammatory (corticosteroid). This occurs closer to the morning. And people who sleep not enough, easily susceptible to colds, inflammation and respiratory viral infections.

Moreover, sleep has another important function. It directly affects the memory, reinforcing it. The human brain works during sleep, which contributes to the strengthening of knowledge, and as a result, excellent operability.

When and how you need to go to bed to sleep

It is important that the room has been ventilated, it was hot and stuffy. Going to bed, you need to be calm and relaxed. Further, it is desirable to go to bed and get up at the same time. Need to find an optimal time for sleep and stick to it. If it so happened that could not sleep at night, it is desirable to compensate for this during daytime sleep.
It is worth remembering that as soon as the person awakens in the morning, his brain immediately starts to work intensively, because it is not necessary to be surprised, if you try to go back to sleep, the brain will do everything possible to resist.

And one more detail: the amount of sleep does not equate to its quality. No matter how long people spent in bed, tossing and turning and suffering from insomnia. In the morning, despite the fact that a person gets in, he'll Wake up broken and tired. So first of all need to work on sleep quality.