First of all, it should be noted that the balance must be in everything, that is, the Wake must be balanced against a sufficient amount of sleep and Vice versa, so that a person can feel rested. When this balance is disturbed, problems of a different nature like insomnia, high irritability or laziness, and also of the problems associated directly with health. Based on these facts, it can be argued that, as the lack of sleep and very long sleep are equally harmful to the human body.

Use a long sleep

Long sleep may be useful in cases that depend on the physical and moral condition of man. For example, with fatigue, daily heavy physical exertion and inability to sleep properly. In this case, the body is accumulated lack of sleep, all the human resources at a certain point, exhausted and in order to fully recover, the person will need more time to relax.

In those cases, when a person is too tired, the sleep may last for a day. The same amount of time it would take a sick person to regain their strength.

The harm of a long dream

Harm the long sleep is based on fatigue, in which the person is immersed in the surplus of the sleep hormone. When excessively long sleep, the body begins to get tired, and end up not recovering, and losing them. Long sleep also destroys the internal progress of the biological clock, and therefore, to some extent rebuilds the body. As a consequence, increases the level of laziness and unwillingness to do something. The result can be a strong stress and a high risk of developing depression.

It often happens that long sleep is a conscious departure from the problems, that is, "I sleep – so, I see nothing, solve nothing". This is the base of many psychological diseases, the emergence of new and strengthening of old systems. As for the physical health, prolonged sleep can lead to increased migraines, stagnation of blood in the vessels, high blood pressure, edema of varying degrees.


What exactly is a long sleep, how long it lasts this time? Doctors say that the normal duration of sleep and wakefulness for a particular individual. But there is a rough distinction, which you can find out the normal range whether sleeping man. So, sleep is considered long if its length is less than 10-14 hours or more. Therefore, the person who sleep enough 7-8 hours 10 -11 hours for many. Differentiation is conditional, but to help sort out the calculations of time spent on sleep.