You will need
  • - a chest of drawers;
  • the sander;
  • - sandpaper (large and small grain);
  • - varnish or paint;
  • - the roller and brush;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the stain.
Look closely to his chest and decide on the quality of the source material. It will depend on further work. For making the right decision about coverage can poshkurit sandpaper the area of the box and look at the state of the foundations.
If your dresser is made of good wood, try to keep the wood pattern. Choose a color varnish, which will emphasize the texture. You can cover the dresser with stain, giving the wood a refined look, then use a top clear nail Polish. Or cover your piece of furniture a matte or glossy paint surface which you can decorate with decoupage, felt, upholstery nails, fabric, lace and other materials.
Prepare your workspace for painting the dresser. On the floor lay a plastic wrap, which you can buy in the Department for gardeners. On top lay the newspaper.
Remove from the old chest all the accessories, which can be removed without damaging the base.
Prepare the dresser for painting. If the old thing is covered with paint, and you're just going to refurbish the color, then go over the covering with fine sandpaper. This way you will improve the adhesion of the new layer with the old. For varnishing the chest of drawers you need to secure the base to the tree. Make it a sander or sandpaper.
In the presence of the carved elements on the surface of the chest they are also advisable to carefully clean away the old layer. But it should be done gently, without damaging the edges of the picture. Wrap a piece of sandpaper around a narrow screwdriver or an awl. This fixture is carefully follow the thread as possible.
Use the wood putty for sealing cracks or chips. Dry it and Polish the surface. If the chest there are traces of life of the beetle, the tree is fully necessary to cover a special tool. To introduce the composition with a syringe to the inside of the holes, damn beetle.
Paint the dresser in the selected color. When choosing colors to give preference to furniture acrylic, it is virtually odorless and does not fade for a long time. Paint or apply with a roller for smooth surfaces and a brush in hard to reach places. For stains make a tampon. Wrap a piece of cotton in gauze. Add some stain to the swab slowly to the liquid dripping.
If the new coating consists of a lacquer layer, in between coats don't forget to grind the surface of the dresser with fine sandpaper to Polish goes on evenly. Then the furniture will not burrs and rough edges.
Dry your product and put it on the allotted interior space.