What prevents young professionals to find a job

The recruitment companies which are engaged in selection of personnel for companies seeking professionals say that in recent years a growing number of companies are ready to take on the work of the specialists with higher education who do not have experience. According to the evaluation of web-portals dedicated to job search, the number of such companies from 58 percent in 2012, in 2014 increased to 62%.

However, employers have noted the excessive demands of the recent graduates who just let them in search of work. Trying to "sell" themselves more, they are not adequately assess their own capabilities. Experts advise to pacify the ambitions and agree on the proposed salary in order to prove themselves and expect an increase. In any case, within a year you will be considered a specialist with experience and will be able to re-start the search, already claiming more.

Furthermore, many students to find a better offer in the labour market after graduation, internships in relevant companies during the training. If you are applying for a good salary, efforts should be made for another 3-4 course.

Where young professionals

Traditionally they are in the companies connected with IT-technologies, but the recent graduates, for example, law schools without experience accepted in a law office. This is because they have studied the new regulations have the fresh fresh look and new approach to many legal issues. For this reason, young professionals are in demand in many government organizations.

In addition, large companies with a staff exceeding 5000 employees, is not only ready to take on a paid internship for students of specialized universities, but also to pay for their further education in the case when the student will be able to have a good reputation. Such a policy allows these companies to address staffing issues and to build a team of highly qualified professionals, growing its own staff and presenting to them to gain practical experience at our manufacturing facilities. But you should be aware that such companies do not advertise online and in Newspapers. If you are a graduate or still studying at University, you should apply directly to the managers through Internet sites that have almost all large enterprises.