To bring date to readable mind, perform various arithmetic operations. For example, your date of birth 04.11.1979. Find out personal number by adding the 0+4=4. Select the last two digits of year of birth: 7+9=16. You have got life cycle. This means that every 16 years in your destiny you will run the upgrade procedure. Therefore, every 16 years, be ready to celebrate key life events.
Note that the penultimate digit of the year (your - 7) is a manifestation of the influence of his father, and the last digit date of the year (your - 9) is a manifestation of the influence of the mother. A large value digit has a greater impact on you. The perfect options happen when the last digits of the year are equal, which speaks of the harmonious influence of parents.
Multiply the number and month of birth to the year. Your number 4, and month – 11, line up these numbers: 411. So 411*1979=813369. Add up the digits of the obtained result, you will receive a level of personal potential: 8+1+3+3+6+9=30. Normal capacity is considered to be in the range from 21 to 46. Therefore, a smaller value corresponds to your lower energy level, a greater deviation from the norm indicates a strong power of personality.
Plot of life. To do this, take the number obtained after you multiply the date and month of birth on birth year. The numbers mark on the abscissa, and their transfer value on the ordinate. Thus, y will lie – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Along the x-axis will meet 8,1,3,3,6,9. Now in the plane put the point: the first is 0, the second at the intersection of y=1 and x=8. The second point corresponds to your cycle, that is 16 years old. The third point put at the intersection of y=2 and x=1. This is the point of the next cycle is 16+16=32. Put all 9 points in a similar way.
You will see on the chart the course of destiny. The UPS and downs shown on the chart will exactly match the age of the UPS and downs in life. The lower on the chart drops point is, the worst situation to be expected in this period. So, the point with the coordinates x 0, it means great danger. On the contrary, the peaks of the graph indicate the social rise of man.