Advice 1: How to predict the future by date of birth

The basis of numerology put the information of multi-digit numbers to single numbers. According to astrologers, each value from 1 to 9 carries information load and has certain characteristics. Thus, a single result has a key impact on the formation of human personality and his life in General.
How to predict the future by date of birth
To bring date to readable mind, perform various arithmetic operations. For example, your date of birth 04.11.1979. Find out personal number by adding the 0+4=4. Select the last two digits of year of birth: 7+9=16. You have got life cycle. This means that every 16 years in your destiny you will run the upgrade procedure. Therefore, every 16 years, be ready to celebrate key life events.
Note that the penultimate digit of the year (your - 7) is a manifestation of the influence of his father, and the last digit date of the year (your - 9) is a manifestation of the influence of the mother. A large value digit has a greater impact on you. The perfect options happen when the last digits of the year are equal, which speaks of the harmonious influence of parents.
Multiply the number and month of birth to the year. Your number 4, and month – 11, line up these numbers: 411. So 411*1979=813369. Add up the digits of the obtained result, you will receive a level of personal potential: 8+1+3+3+6+9=30. Normal capacity is considered to be in the range from 21 to 46. Therefore, a smaller value corresponds to your lower energy level, a greater deviation from the norm indicates a strong power of personality.
Plot of life. To do this, take the number obtained after you multiply the date and month of birth on birth year. The numbers mark on the abscissa, and their transfer value on the ordinate. Thus, y will lie – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Along the x-axis will meet 8,1,3,3,6,9. Now in the plane put the point: the first is 0, the second at the intersection of y=1 and x=8. The second point corresponds to your cycle, that is 16 years old. The third point put at the intersection of y=2 and x=1. This is the point of the next cycle is 16+16=32. Put all 9 points in a similar way.
You will see on the chart the course of destiny. The UPS and downs shown on the chart will exactly match the age of the UPS and downs in life. The lower on the chart drops point is, the worst situation to be expected in this period. So, the point with the coordinates x 0, it means great danger. On the contrary, the peaks of the graph indicate the social rise of man.
We offer to your attention one of the most popular and interesting types of numerological test, which is called "life Schedule". It is made in two stages. Both are associated with the exact date of birth.
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Life schedule is built by preumnozhenija of all the numbers in the birth date. Next, the resulting number is broken down into simple numbers, these numbers show the points to plot. And indicates certain characteristics of a person who is given to him from birth, and will always be manifested in his character throughout life. In addition, these characteristics...

Advice 2 : How to read character by date of birth

Astrology - science has long known, and today it is experiencing another surge of interest in itself. In coordination with the astral portraits, many today are choosing husbands, friends and business partners. But often, the basics of astrology to use when you want the date of birth of the person to know his character.
How to read character by date of birth
Before you try to determine the nature of your or your partner, friend, companion, etc., you have to remember the school course of mathematics. For a precise definition you will need the full date of birth in the digital equivalent. For example, 29.11.1985.
Now start to put figures to each other, but in this case, for each parameter (day, month, year) need be considered separately. So: 2+9=11, 1+1=2, 1+9+8+5=23. Now add up all the answers among themselves - 11+2+23 - it turns out 36. To define finite numbers, if you got a two digit number, add together the numbers - 9.
And this is the resulting number and refer to astroparticles to find out how the natureof om has its owner. For example, a man whose date of birth occurs in a amount of 1, very temperamental and proud. While rational and independent. 2 - responsible for men masculine and sensual. The three distinctive feature of sociability and good-natured. The resulting in the amount of 4-ka gives analysts and conservatives, and 5-CA - a madcap and whimsical adventurers. People are creative and emotional - obladateif 6 key. Patience, humility and love of solitude in naturewill isue 7. Leaders 8-CI and 9-CI perceptive and deep-thinking people.
In the figures, the assurances of astrologers is huge force. And if suddenly the numbers change, as this was common during the war years, it's very bad for all life of such a person. Right changes not only his fate, but character.
But if you want to get more reliable results, consult professional astrologers. On the basis of one only your date of birth they will be able to draw detailed astrological portrait. It will be described in detail and the features of characetr, and your prospects in life and even what's already happened.
You can also define the character of the person on the date of his birthusing the horoscope. As a rule, in the preparation of the astral portrait in the form of a horoscope using the common features possessed by the people of that particular zodiac sign. This applies to the character. In the study horoscope to know the exact date of birth is very important. After all, the whole sign of the zodiac can be roughly split into three parts. In the first phase, the sign still depends a little bit on just "gone" and may have the features of his character. In the second phase, a sign of the zodiac already has a strong position and will possess those traits of characterand that usually fixed his representatives. And in the third phase of the sign has little impact coming a symbol of the horoscope. He, too, can exert its influence.
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However, to fully surrender to the power of numbers and harokopou not worth it, after all nobody cancelled self-education. So, your character can be a little, but change if to work on myself.

Advice 3 : 15 seconds that will decide the fate of your love

About whether you will make a good impression, decide first fifteen seconds of the first meeting. What's playing on the first date the most important role?
15 seconds that will decide the fate of your love

How confident are you in yourself

In the first second man observes your posture, keep you head straight, eye contact. If Yes, you create the impression of a confident woman that is attractive to men.

Whether you are a good mother

Men are naturally programmed with the ability first glance, subconsciously to guess how high female fertility. Scientists have proved that in the first moments, the man estimates the ratio of waist and hip indicates that a woman is fertile or not.

How will sex with you

If you neuhozheny and slovenly dressed, thus sending a signal that appearance does not interest you. Men disheveled and slovenly appearance is automatically transferred so that you are not interested in sex, and erotic experience with you will be quite fresh.

How you independent

Not afraid to wear a dress when everyone else is in jeans? Thus, you show that you are a person with its own opinion, and it is always attractive for men.

How you healthy

There is evidence that people subconsciously judge how others have a symmetrical face. It more symmetrical, the more attractive it is for others. This speaks to the high quality genetic composition.

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