The first signs of anemia such as fatigue-induced lack of oxygen, and reduced immunity, should be of concern.
In most cases anemia is caused by deficiency of iron in the blood, therefore as a treatment for patients prescribed the introduction into their diet of foods rich in iron and medications iron. All medications that increase the level of iron in the blood, must appoint a doctor.
Drugs that can increase the hemoglobin, are essentially synthetic iron-containing compounds. Among them the most prevalent means of prolonged action are considered "Heterol", "Terrordome", "I-Durules", "Irbit", "Fetal", "Use Retard", "Petrograd" and others. Excellent results are obtained, the admission of new dosage forms "ferrum-Lek" and the medicines are short-acting – "Sulphate of iron", "ferrous Fumarate iron", "ferrous Gluconate".
The most effective means to combat anemia are drugs of bivalent iron, well absorbed by the organism. But these drugs can act only in an acidic environment in the stomach, otherwise to the medications used in conjunction with hydrochloric or ascorbic acid, which facilitates iron absorption in the blood.
Iron preparations short-acting should preferably be taken after or between meals. The dosage appointed by the doctor individually, but it is best to start medication with half of the daily intake of micronutrient, i.e. from 180 mg. a Greater amount of elemental iron contained in "iron Fumarate" - 65 mg "ferrous Sulphate 60 mg, the "Gluconate – 35 mg. Medications that raise the level of hemoglobin in the blood, prolonged action it is desirable to take at night one or two capsules before meals or once a day.
The results of treatment of anemia, drugs can be assessed after a month, if the drug was chosen correctly, the increase in the hemoglobin level should be about 1 g/l per day. Otherwise, you need an additional survey for further treatment of the disease.
In some cases after re-examination reveal predefinito anaemia, i.e. iron deficiency in the body is combined with a lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid. When such diagnosis medicines based on iron are assigned in the complex with the missing vitamins, because in this case the treatment is the only iron supplementation is not enough.
In severe forms of anemia, extensive resection of the small intestine, and acute massive blood loss and other severe ailments, drugs that increase hemoglobin, are appointed for intravenous or intramuscular administration.