First of all, parents should understand that and treat allergies, like any other disease, the infant should be only under the supervision of a pediatrician. Besides, to identify the allergen is sometimes possible only after special laboratory tests, but this is the stage that is elementary for the treatment of allergies.
Most often in infants manifested a food Allergy. The diet is the best method to combat the disease. Diet tailored to exclude from the diet dangerous products. In addition, the doctor prescribes antihistamines and ointments, relieving the main symptoms of food allergies: itching, rash, redness, or peeling of the skin. Diet for a kid, usually assigned individually, but some of the recommendations are generic and are suitable for any child who suffer from allergies. Example: be sure to follow the amount of food your baby eats in one feeding; exercise regimes, drinking and feeding, refuse, industrial compounds, because they are not designed for children with allergies. If the child has already started the symptoms of food allergies, the foods should be administered no earlier than 4 months, especially fruit juices and purees. If the child is on artificial feeding – adjust the mixture.
Quite often in babies is an Allergy to animal dander. In this case, the danger is not only in contact, causing dermal changes, but that such a manifestation can cause angioedema. In addition, the reaction occurs in a matter of minutes. To say that parents should exclude the presence in the house Pets, probably not worth it, because it is a prerequisite. In addition, noting the child has obvious symptoms, parents should immediately consult specialists or to call an ambulance.
Allergy in a baby can occur as a reaction to household chemicals or care products for skin. Parents should be very carefully to buy sanitary products, powders, rinses. Better if there are products made especially for Allergy sufferers. And, to wash in a special powder should not only things baby and adult clothes, as the child cuddles up to the parents. For the same reason, adults need to limit the use of perfumes, deodorants, shaving cream, etc cosmetic products.