First we have to understand whether the child concerned about an Allergy (it can be easily confused with other diseases, such as psoriasis or scabies)? In General, the first thing you should do is to go to the doctor-allergist, who will determine exactly what ails the child. Because the technician doing the tests will determine exactly the type of Allergy and allergen, which will help you to get rid of allergies have a child.
Of course, learning why you need to get rid of the allergen, if possible, eliminate all factors that are causes of allergies. Disable the baby has a sweet tooth, if the allergen is sugar, or protect it from other Pets if the doctor gave you to understand that the animal will not be the best friend of your child.
Strengthen your immune system of the child, it is one of the very important rules, do daily wet cleaning, often ventilate the apartment (several times a day). Use a minimum of household chemicals (severe Allergy), and if you smoke, quit!
If a child's food intolerance or Allergy, which is caused by different additives that you should do for the child "fasting" days. Refuse different foods a day and give your baby natural products without any additives.
There are traditional methods of treatment of allergies, for example, let's drink to the child melt water, the recipe is: put water in the freezer for 3 hours (in an enamel pot, without closing the lid), then remove the ice formed on top and repeat the freezing, but at 22 hours and then water, melted at room temperature, ready to eat.
Remember that allergies can manifest in many different forms. Most often it is a rash, itching, redness of the skin, frequent sneezing and nasal congestion, but we should not forget that it happens and in more dangerous manifestations, such as anaphylaxis or angioedema, which threatens, in the absence of the minute of death. Therefore do not tighten with treatment, and take all possible measures to get rid of allergies have a child and to prevent its development.