You will need
  • Chocolate, nuts, the remains of the cake, cookies, crackers, sprinkles, foil, coconut.
Chocolate is the most common product to decorate the cake and the sides. Of course, for this you will need to melt it. The beginning measure a piece of foil, which in length is equal to the circumference of the cake and the width and height of the cake. Grease the foil with vegetable oil. Melt the chocolate and add quite a bit of butter. Now liquid chocolate, place in a bag and on the tip make a hole. On the foil randomly draw a fence. Put the foil with the chocolate in the fridge for one hour. When the chocolate hardens, but not completely, in a circle wrap foil cake. Now carefully remove the foil. Author fence made of chocolate ready! Also chocolate can make a chip with a conventional grater. The resulting chips and sprinkle on sides of cake.
Sprinkle edge of cake with nuts or crushed biscuits with sugar. To ensure that the dressing is well kept, first oil the cake sides with soft butter. You can then sprinkle sides with nuts. For the convenience of tilt the cake to nuts not immediately crumbled. You can use a mixture of nuts and sweet biscuits. Instead of butter as the holding weight use sour cream whipped with sugar. If you add in the sour cream teaspoon cocoa, you get the cream color reminiscent of chocolate.
Make a thick butter cream 200 grams of sugar, 1 egg, 300 grams of butter, half a glass of milk. Egg whisk, mix it with sugar and milk. Put this mixture on heat and cook until thick. Butter beat with a mixer for 5 minutes. Then add the cooled parts of the mass and continue whisking. Weight should acquire a creamy state. Decorate this cream cake and his side. The sides additionally apply sprinkles, coconut, broken cookies or leftover cake.
If you put butter cream in a pastry syringe, you can make the sides of the cake with interesting decorations or patterns. For creams use food coloring, then your cake will sparkle with bright colors. After applying the cream and sprinkles on the sides be sure to submit a cake for a while in the refrigerator to decorate frozen and well kept.
Fry in a dry frying pan oatmeal, add a little sugar and sprinkle over the sides of the cake, pre-coated with cream or sour cream. To oatmeal, you can add finely crushed nuts or coconut flakes. In order the flakes fell away, their coat should be rather thin. This also applies to other toppings.