Reasons for AEDs in newborns

The perinatal period is from 28 weeks of pregnancy to 7 days of a child's life. Causes of encephalopathy at this time are: hypoxia, caused by lack of oxygen in utero, the poisoning of the child's body of alcoholic or narcotic substances, which the woman drank during pregnancy.

Disorders of brain function of a baby may occur due to high levels of bilirubin in the blood, due to circulatory disorders in the brain due to diabetes mellitus in the mother. Thus, probes of the newborn occurs as a consequence of chronic and hereditary diseases, incorrect lifestyle of the mother, pathology of pregnancy and childbirth (threatened abortion, toxaemia, birth injury, sudden or prolonged labor, etc.).

Symptoms and effects of AEDs in newborns

Encephalopathy in medicine is a very fuzzy concept. This is the term doctors refer to some brain disease, such a diagnosis shall be specified, based on the reasons for the development of pathology. Neurologists and neonatologists often mistaken with the diagnosis of AEDs, since it is difficult to confidently judge the state of the child in weeks age. Sometimes doctors just touching base, diagnosing the baby encephalopathy, which runs without a trace in the first few months of life, or it did not originally existed.

However, parents need to know about the symptoms and possible consequences of this diagnosis, to be able to recognize ominous signs and not to develop dangerous complications from the CNS. For perinatal encephalopathy involves acute and recovery period. Acute lasts from birth to 1 month, rehabilitation - 1 month. up to 1 year (or up to 2 years in preterm infants). In the acute phase symptoms of oppression of the nervous system (muscle weakness, lethargy, loss of reflexes), increased nervous irritability, convulsions, hydrocephalus, coma syndrome.

For the recovery period is characterized by development delay, dysfunction of internal organs, movement disorders, epileptic syndrome. The acute phase of PEP requires the use of medicines, in reducing child needs physiotherapy treatment, correction, herbal medicine.

Complications of PEP include: Central nervous system diseases, epilepsy, developmental delay (particularly speech and psychomotor). Appear disorders of the internal organs, the child becomes unable to focus for a long time, he has no perseverance.