By itself, the nausea comes from the restructuring of the female body and its reactions to some products in the period of carrying a child. The period of toxicity every woman is completely different. Some feel discomfort and nausea in the morning, the other almost do not depart from the toilet, and there are lucky women who are not familiar with this phenomenon. Therefore, all individually, the main thing is not to get hung up and not wait for its occurrence.
The first signs of nausea can occur no earlier than the start of the alleged delay of her period or ten days after fertilization of the ovum. This is the earliest possible time.
As a rule, in most cases, morning sickness is most pronounced between the third and fifth week of pregnancy, when gaining activity hormones, causing nausea. Therefore, you should not panic, malaise the day after unprotected intercourse, most likely, tells about your feelings or digestive disorders caused by poor quality food.
Normally, the symptoms of toxicity are manifested at early stages of pregnancy and continue until the end of the first trimester, ending completely by the second. But there is a category of women who suffer from nausea much longer. To them such discomfort can come back at some time in the third trimester, the so-called period of late toxicosis.
To alleviate their condition and avoid impulses to nausea, observing some simple rules and guidelines.
First, try to identify those foods, after eating which, you begin to feel sick. If you were able to identify the culprits of poor health, then the best time to eliminate them from your diet.
To get rid of the discomfort will help mint tea with lemon, good effect gives a teaspoon of it. Also, try during morning sickness avoid greasy and spicy foods.
Remember at the time of cheap instant coffee, sparkling mineral water, healing mineral water and juice from store-bought packages. Lean on fresh squeezed juices and pure water.
In any case, if toxemia has already started or is almost here, don't worry – this is a temporary phenomenon that must simply be endured. Give yourself installation that this is a normal process that doesn't drag on forever, and try to observe all recommendations of your gynecologist.