Magnesium sulfate previously administered intramuscularly, which was very painful, women have any long-term persistent hematoma. Intravenous drip is devoid of such disadvantages, and because the treatment does not cause pregnant women discomfort. If the woman gets to the hospital for preservation in the second trimester, it is almost always therapeutic scheme includes magnesium sulfate. Usually treatment for the same course, to prevent accumulation of magnesium in the body of the child. Solution is injected through a conventional IV line or infusion pump, if a woman is difficult to tolerate the drug, magnesium sulfate is administered in combination with saline.

How does magnesia

Magnesium sulfate is well relaxes the muscles, which is necessary for the tone of the uterus. It also supports the heart and prevents arrhythmias. The property to remove excess fluid from the body also extremely important for pregnant women, even when expressed edema they cannot apply the classical diuretics – infusion of magnesium sulfate eliminate swelling.

Due to the ability to relax the muscles magnesium sulfate is often used as a means to lower blood pressure. Often women hospitalitynet with concomitant preeclampsia, she has edema, increased blood pressure. Infusion of magnesium sulfate allow you to quickly and safely solve this problem. The effect of the treatment time, almost always one course enough so the woman would carry the pregnancy without any complications and gave birth at term. At the risk of seizures, the threat of premature birth the first thing doctors do prescribe intravenous magnesium sulfate. This simple drug has saved many children's lives.

Introduced of magnesia

Since intravenous administration of the drug immediately enters the blood, women may experience discomfort. Shortness of breath, shortness of breath, hot flashes, sudden loss of pressure or a burning desire to empty the bladder. You should tell the nurse, it will reduce the flow speed of the medicine or as directed by your doctor replace 25% solution solution of lower concentration. Such side effects are very rare and are immediately as it was discontinued or reduced supply of the drug.

Before the introduction, it is recommended to go to the toilet, lie down as comfortably as possible and to provide their entertainment for the next 30-40 min. for 20 minutes after injection of magnesium sulfate is not recommended to get out of bed or make any sudden movements. At the expiration of this period to rise slowly, so as not to provoke dizziness.