Why do hot shots of calcium

"Hot shot" calcium gluconate is prescribed to make up for lack of calcium in the body and also for treatment of allergic, skin, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. Injections are performed in three ways: fast injection, intravenous drip, intracardiac injection (injected into the space of the ventricle).

Injections of calcium chloride to help with the shortage of this trace element in the body, and also in the period when a person requires increased amount of calcium (lactation, pregnancy). Such injections can be scheduled at its low content in the diet or if the absorption of this trace mineral in the intestine is disturbed. "Hot shot" is used to eliminate the symptoms of intestinal, biliary, renal colic, to relieve inflammation, to reduce the permeability of blood vessels, allergies. This injection also included in the complex of resuscitation measures as anti-shock medication.

Injection of calcium are appointed with caution in renal, respiratory and cardiac failure, the rate of glycoside drugs. Hot injections are contraindicated when a significant excess of calcium in the body, with resistant ventricular fibrillation. With the introduction of the drug in an inappropriate blood vessel can receive chemical burns of the mucous membranes of the inner walls of the veins. Subsequently, in this place, may develop thrombophlebitis (inflammation of a vein wall). In rare cases, accidental contact with chloride of calcium under the skin is necrosis of the subcutaneous fat, inflammation begins with suppuration. Too rapid administration of the drug may cause the acceleration of the contractions of the ventricles, this condition can lead to heart failure.

"Hot shot" magnesia

"Hot shot" of magnesia (magnesium sulphate) is performed intramuscularly. Such injections typically are assigned to pregnant women to reduce uterine tone with the threat of miscarriage or premature birth. Injections of magnesia do in large accumulations of muscle (in the buttocks). Magnesium sulfate it is necessary to introduce very slowly, avoiding its stagnation in the muscle tissue. You should also make sure that the syringe needle did not get into small arteries blood vessels.

"Hot shot" will be easier to move if the patient after the procedure you will stay in a horizontal position for some time. Sometimes an injection of magnesia require anesthesia, while simultaneously injected novocaine. Injections of magnesium sulfate contraindicated with hypersensitivity to components with increased content of magnesium in the body, with oppression of the respiratory center, low blood pressure, severe bradycardia, renal failure, AV blockade, as well as in the prenatal period.