Determine what attracts you in a partner. Only external data or something else? Can you name a lot of traits of your partner that make it stand among others? In the case of true love, you feel deeply partner, so I know the many nuances of his character, and that you find them attractive. In the case of love characteristic features of the partner is usually reduced to the banal and superficial: beautiful, smart, funny, caring etc. Is not indicative of the depth of the relationship
Love can not be based only on sex. Imagine how would your relationship with your partner, if you were deprived of the opportunity to engage in loveYu. Surface feelings usually cannot withstand this simple test.
Pay attention to how you feel in the separation from the partner. If over time you lose interest, start to switch to other means, in your case we are not talking about serious love.
How does your feeling affect your work? If the thought of a loved circling your head, you can't focus on his accomplishments in other areas, most likely, you are at the stage of infatuation. Real love, by contrast, inspires you to feats and accomplishment, promotes self-development.
Do you find in yourself the desire to communicate with friends, family, or your relationship with your partner fully captured your mind? Real love does not preclude other areas of your life.
In the case of true love, desire to make happy partner repeatedly overpowers the desire to obtain anything of him.