Choice – to love or be loved depends on the nature of women. It is believed that women are more sensual, gentle and giving ourselves without reserve for the benefit of others. This is often found in a relationship with a man, and then in marriage: a woman meets a man, falls in love, is of interest to the partner and is now ready to be only with him. While for love it can do whatever it takes to fulfill every wish of a young man, meekly to endure his whims and wishes.

There is a reverse situation where the woman only allows a young man to take care of themselves, to give gifts and flowers, take her on trips. Her partner is so taken with her beauty, strength of character and the charm that falls in love without memory, wanting only one thing: that the object of his love drew attention to it.

Which way to choose?

Neither of these positions is not ideal in the relationship, but any of them are possible in real life. The choice of position depends on the personalities of both partners. If a woman used more to give to other people, constantly worry about someone, most likely, it will be more desirable position loving. It's possible that subconsciously she would find a partner, someone to look up to, or about which you care, in return a kind of permission to do so.

This pair may look quite harmoniously, if the woman and her partner in the relationship get what they need. In the end, love is the highest form of manifestation of sympathy and affection, she gives so much that people who only receive love, never feel it.

However, if the girl used to take more from a relationship than to invest in them, it more convenient to be the position of someone who only allows himself to love. It is also fairly common the role of women in relationships. This girl usually has sufficiently strong character to understand the men and to be confident in their beauty and sexuality.

Ideal possible

The most comfortable the relationship becomes when these two extremes are smoothed out: and a man and woman begin to bring something to their Union and not just to take or give something to your partner. The relationship is called harmonic, because it is impossible to give love without receiving something in return, just as it is impossible to accept the feelings, without feeling the response.