Love at first sight – it is rather a fairy tale than a real situation. Looking at a person you can see him close his own view of ideal partner traits, but not the long-awaited life partner. The origin of love – a process that takes time.
Love precedes love. This feeling is naturally very bright, is accompanied by uncontrollable passion and idealization of the partner. During love people overlook flaws in each other, and therefore can not adequately assess your feelings. Many, taking this feeling for true love, begin to offer a partner to get married, but when the "rose-colored glasses" in marriage fall severely disappointed.
In successful couples love blends with the love. This occurs when the people were not made hasty decisions and waiting for the partial extinction of passion, they were given the opportunity to appear deep feeling. At this stage it is important to understand that you can't rush the man with the solution: a Declaration of love must be reasonable, not spontaneous.
Strong love based on mutual understanding. If a person wants to solve the problems of the partner, he feels changes in his mood and is ready to accept, then the stage of love behind. Ahead of developing strong relationships and building a life together. Even if the beloved are not along, for them there is no longer distances. The growing desire to live in the same area, to share not only the bed, but a way of life, means the emergence of true feelings.
Notice the appearance of love for man and the quality of sexual relations. From the surface they move to more comfortable. Attempts to make the partner the impression replaced by the desire to please him. More trusting behavior in bed – an indicator of sincere sensuality.
All people love in different ways: someone is trying to please a partner, someone devletli, and someone to protect. Therefore, to capture the birth of a strong feeling can only be man himself. No Handbook of psychology will not tell you about what you like. The science is still not proven as love turns to true love, but on a subconscious level, the person feels something native, close physically and spiritually to him alone. The main thing is to carry this feeling through life and to maintain his ability to love.