Where to wear crochet things

Crochet – stylish and modern hobby that has many fans among young girls. To understand this hobby is easy: created things are very beautiful, original and unique. Moreover, the product is hand made today at the peak of popularity: crocheted clothes and accessories in large numbers are present in the latest collections of Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Rena Lange, and other fashion houses.

Wear crochet things possible throughout the year. For example, coats, thick knit, perfect for autumn or spring. And if you add to it a fur lining, it will be a wonderful top winter clothing. Also for the cold season useful crocheted, vests, sweaters and cardigans. Depending on knitting style, you can wear them to work, to visit and even use for special occasions (for example, delicate items).

Today considerable attention is paid to the lower parts of clothing. Related skirts and trousers are a great alternative bored jeans and other products. Especially popular are the fishnet model from cotton, silk, mercerized yarn. Such an unusual and sexy bottom can be worn on a date, meeting with friends, walking around the city, etc.

Individual attention, dresses and tunics crochet. These products – a true fashion hit has many fans among regular and star of girls. Crocheted from fine thread dresses are especially relevant for use in the summer. And delicate models made of materials with a slight sheen perfect for an evening out. It should be noted that crocheted dress today so popular that many girls choose them for a wedding celebration.

Stylish as stylish to combine crochet things

Crocheted things are stylish but complex in combination products. The image was modern and spectacular, you must learn to choose the correct add-ons and accessories. An excellent example can serve the ensembles by celebrities.

For example, Ashley Tisdale chose a laced white blouse, crocheted from fine cotton. Girl beat a tough product, adding to his short denim shorts and leopard shoes. Under the transparent jacket Ashley wore a white t-shirt. Because crochet is a thing in this ensemble the main focus, accessories girl picked up the simplest: a small handbag in tone with the shorts and sunglasses.

Crocheted things are today so popular that they are even members of the English Royal family. Duchess of Cambridge Kate wore a contrasting black and white jacket with lace trim with a white pleated skirt. Perfectly complemented with an elegant and understated ensemble of black pumps and a beige clutch bag.

For flights ashlee Simpson took the easy openwork cardigan cream color. With him the singer is wearing a wide jeans and a black t-shirt with soft print. The finished image was given a small hat and dark glasses. Crocheted things in the way wears and model Miranda Kerr. In Paris the girl arrived in a spectacular black slim coat, which added leather boots-bottomtime, a wide-brimmed hat, dark glasses and a large Burgundy-red bag.

A special "article" in the wardrobes of stylish celebrities are knitted dresses. Many people prefer to wear them for walking, shopping and the beach. Accessories while star use low, giving preference to products from natural materials (wood, leather, textiles). And here's Zoe Saldana chose a bold black-and-white-and-red dress by Rena Lange to appear on the red carpet. The image turned out moderately bright, stylish and attractive.