You will need
  • - wool or wool blend yarn;
  • - the spokes on the fishing line;
  • - Laundry gum or grosgrain ribbon.
The basis for the modeling can be a short, almost straight skirt, knitted from the waist. It can be done without a seam. Tie the belt. Knit it better across the double band. Dial on the spokes of the number of loops is twice more than required by calculation. Provarite 1 row elastic 1 × 1. In the next row over facial facial knit, purl shoot, leaving the working thread in front of loop. Tie a strip of the desired length. Loop until you can not close, and to remove the extra thread that tied her to the ring.
Dial side of the "braids" in the loop according to the calculation. Lock the work in a circle. Even the straight skirt is actually a little expanded, therefore, mark the line of addition. Distribute them in different ways. For example, divide the number of hinges 4 so that the lines of the additions were in the middle of the front and rear and on the side seams. With this method add on to the loop between the lines of the waist and hips through a series of 2 loops on each line.
Further actions depend on the width of the skirt. If you want to bind a fairly wide chetyrehkolka, continue to add a loop through the row to the bottom. For a lightly flared skirt , it is sufficient to add 2 stitches every 12 to 16 rows. Straight skirt runs smooth cloth.
Davaite skirt to the length a little less than desired. Now you can give free rein to their imagination. Strongly flared skirt can be decorated at the hem with lace crochet. Performed on the spokes of the loop can not be closed. The first row of columns promazyvaya in these loops. Remember that crochet is always somewhat more dense. Below the hem of the skirt was not tight, control the process and at regular intervals knit in the loop is not one column but two. But it may not be necessary if the very fabric of the skirt is quite thick.
On the second row promazyvaya groups of 2-3 columns, alternating with chains of loops 5-8 on the next group of columns. In the third row knit columns on the columns, and the arc - number of columns equal to the number of air loops. Last row knit simple columns in each column of the previous row. If you make a wider and more elaborate lace - work frill. Then in the first row of strapping you need to add a number of loops, promazyvaya 2 column 1 loop, say, 4 loops. The rest is the same as in the first case.
On a straight skirt can be ruffled and oblique, reaching from the hip through the front part almost to the bottom, and then back and forth. It can be linked separately crochet or knitting. Crochet is fundamentally no different from performance lace for finishing bottom. For knitting, measure the length of the ruffles. Type in the desired number of loops and tie the front row. and the second wrong. On the third row, add loops, promazyvaya from the same three intervals. If the threads are not very thick and soft, this ruffle knit hosiery knitting.
You can run the frill and mesh. For example, make a yo, and the next 2 stitches knit together. Alternate therefore, the element pattern to end of row. Even rows knit in pattern. The mesh may be of another type, if nakedi do, not everyone is odd, and 1, 5, 9, etc. the distance between the holes can also be different, then knit together loops and nakida next need to attach a few facial. Keep the distance turned out the same.
On knitted skirts look great crocheted panels. They can also be run in a circle. The main thing is to identify a place where such insert, and choose a pattern that is easy to knit on circular needles. For example, the mid front and rear parts can be made dense and viscous, and the sides can be linked openwork insertion.
At the end, insert at the waist linen elastic or grosgrain ribbon. Close the loop and connect the ends of the belt. You can do it with the button closure or button.