Types of cardigans, a great many. They can vary in composition (made of cloth or lace), length (short and below the knee), styles (loose or fitted models). Summer cardigans will be harmonious and elegant look with different outfits: formal, cocktail, beach, and office.

Long summer cardigan

Long cardigan would be a good solution for walking near the sea in the evening. Elongated models, designers are advised to combine with loose tops, shirts made of a translucent material and also shorts. To Supplement the image will help of massive bracelets made of plastic or metal.

You can wear a summer cardigan with cropped leggings, a tunic top or a light shirt. You can choose a suitable option. Short summer dress will look good with a cardigan made of lace. The image will help complete sandals thin soled shoes or shoes

Short summer cardigan

Short patterns cardigans will be a great addition to the dress-boxes, made in a simple style and also to wear bright colors and shirts in the box. As decoration well suited to small belt.

If you purchased very recently cardigan with cropped sleeves, it is not necessary to carry with them things long sleeve. Otherwise you will look tasteless and inappropriate.

Cardigan style grunge

If you like experiments, you can buy brown cardigan sweater model grunge. Such things were Kurt Cobain, the soloist of the famous group Nirvana. Perhaps you want to buy openwork cardigan made of lace. In this situation, you can wear under it, a bright shirt or top.

Now at the height of fashion is skewed, therefore it is possible to buy a summer cardigan with asymmetrical cut. It is perfect for the beach. Cardigans made from lightweight satin, perfect for a romantic date. You'll look amazing. If you have a business meeting, it is advisable to choose a mid-length cardigan olive or dark gray. These neutral hues will give your outfit rigor.

Black summer cardigan is versatile, it will look great with any outfits, in the style of casual. Quite attractive this will combine with a top in lilac, pink or silver hue. Your choice depends on your financial capabilities and preferences. Get high-quality cardigan, that he will serve you not one season.