To work in Germany, you need to have a specialty and it is highly desirable experience for her. Should start with a work visa. It can be done, only after receiving an invitation from the employer in Germany. You can find it via the Internet or in the country, having arrived there on a tourist visa. If you chose the latter option, remember that you can't get to work until you get a working visa.
There is a special program for the employment of qualified professionals in the IT sector and engineers, it is called the Bluecard. Such people can obtain a special national visa for which you can look for jobs. After the job is found, you should obtain a work visa. To see the program on its website:
The most convenient, and in some cases the only way of finding work in Germany is the Internet. There are several exchanges with vacancies, the largest of them – there are other, smaller ones.
Before you register for the exchange, decide exactly what you are looking for, as vacancies do much. Make a summary and a brief autobiography. Also make sure you have a good photo. Should not be listed in summary morose serious, often deters employers when they look summary of Russian specialists. The half-smile – the best option.
After you have responded to several positions, to start with you will likely have a phone interview. Ideally if you are fluent in German. If your work is related to communication (for example, you're applying as a programmer), then usually you can pass this interview in English: the companies involved in IT, for example, usually there is no problem with this.
Then comes the time of personal interview. Very important: don't be late in Germany are very serious about this. Optional to wear the best suit of those that you have regular casual wear.
The question of salary seems to many important and difficult. In Germany no one is discussing salary with friends and acquaintances, it is considered bad form, but information about how many are professionals with your qualifications, can be found on the Internet. There are statistical reports which indicate the average figures for the industry, depending on different parameters. It is useful to find a document that describes your professional field. There is useful knowledge of German, because usually these reports are in German.