If you are thinking about seasonal work in Germany, and if you are between 18 to 25 years of age, you can go to Germany on the program Au Pair. The essence of this program lies in the fact that the young man or woman living in a German family and caring for children and also does light housework. It relies on the power in the family, as well as pocket money. This is a good way at the same time to gain some experience abroad, to improve knowledge of the German language. Become a member of this program through universities or companies involved in device young people for such work. You can try to get yourself through the website
In Germany are valued highly skilled professionals from any country in the world. Especially needed engineers, IT professionals, medical professionals. In order to a highly qualified specialist to go to work in Germany, he must first find a suitable vacancy through German sites for job search. It,,, and others. You can also contact a recruitment Agency that employs abroad.
According to German law, a specialist from abroad, you must first obtain a work permit in Germany. It is obtained by the employer, ie it happens after you decide to hire. The employer sends a special request to take a foreigner to the local authority for employment and, in the event of agreement, sends you a certificate from that body, so you can begin to issue travel documents.
Usually the candidate requires the following documents:
1. employment contract with the employer;
2. a certificate from authority employment;
3. diploma of the University;
4. the certificate of no criminal record;
5. the certificate of marital status.
Russian-language documents must be translated into German, and their translation must be notarized. Depending on the situation, you may need other documents.
On arrival in Germany you will need to rent a house and to register at the place of residence in the local special bodies. After that we will need to issue a permit, upon presentation of the document on residence permit and employment contract.