First of all start to follow the correct diet. Best of all, if you recommend her doctor. Keep in mind that too sudden change in diet can cause the appearance of new acne and pimples, so be consistent and careful.
Start to properly care for the skin. Consult your doctor, let him prescribe drugs (as for use internally and locally), special cosmetic products. Skin care you can make in salons. Most often they use products that contain acid, which causes exfoliating and whitening effect. As a rule, the treatment lasts for at least three months.
Try out some beauty treatments, aimed at removing scars. The most common treatments are peelings. Peelings are very different. The degree of impact they are divided into superficial, middle and deep. The latter even prohibited on the territory of our country (for example, using phenol), since this pill is used the half lethal dose of the substance.
There are chemical peels, which are applied to the skin of preparations containing acid, and then those that counteract it. At the end of this procedure, the superimposed face mask.
There is also a massage with the use of liquid nitrogen. This procedure is also called cryo. In this procedure, use a cotton swab to problem areas apply liquid nitrogen or sent a jet of very cold air.
The microdermabrasion is a skin polishing with the aid of powder of aluminum oxide. Also exfoliates the skin perfectly, but has no effect on newly formed acne and pimples.
There are also laser resurfacing of the skin by which the skin of lasers of different power. This procedure is performed under General anesthesia, when it is removed the top layer of skin, so it is in itself very painful, but very effective.
In addition to the professional treatments you can try to cope with the scars and folk remedies at home. Here are some tips:
Recipe 1.
Tablespoon of green clay mix with warm water until the consistency of porridge. Pour into this mixture a few drops of rosemary oil, mix thoroughly and apply on the scars and blemishes. After 15 minutes rinse face apply the cream.
Recipe 2.
A tablespoon of honey and mix with a teaspoon of cinnamon and apply to the entire face. This mask cleans the skin and accelerates the disappearance of scars.
Recipe 3.
Finely chop a bunch of parsley and pour 200 ml. boiling water, let stand for half an hour. Then cool the broth and fill the ice tray. Freeze and wipe your face every morning so the ice cube.
Remember that all procedures should be carried out not from time to time, and systematically.