The manifestation of the symptom Kocher

Symptom Kocher occurs in the early stages of appendicitis. It is manifested in the form of pulling and wandering pains. First, a person feels discomfort in the area motevideo process in the epigastric part. Then the discomfort moved to the right iliac fossa. The pain can be both acute and insignificant. There is such a symptom, as a rule, in the first hours of active development of inflammation.

The first concern can be considered as a sharp pain in the upper abdomen. If discomfort not only continues, but intensifies, and the pain is shifting to other places, it is likely that the patient progresses to acute appendicitis. Please note that to determine the specific source of the pain sometimes becomes impossible. First, a person feels discomfort in the same area, during transport to a medical facility, the pain may change the focus, and for the specialist examination once again shift.

To make the clinical picture of the disease in the patient symptom Kocher help associated symptoms – nausea, vomiting, dizziness and a General weakened state. If pain increase, the patient required urgent hospitalization. Otherwise can occur even death.

To diagnose acute appendicitis can only be a specialist on the basis of specific studies and careful examination. Self-treatment or ignoring symptoms of Kocher is not recommended in any case.

The history of the name of the symptom Kocher

Symptom Kocher received its name in honor of the famous Swiss surgeon Emil Theodor Kocher. Most of the work of a specialist devoted to the study of pathologies of the thyroid gland, as well as the development of techniques for the treatment of many diseases. In addition, Kocher became the inventor of special tools, which nowadays use during operations – clamps for the stomach and blood vessels, probes for surgical interventions in the digestive system, as well as a handy glass drainage tube.

The name of Theodor Kocher called several symptoms, which are used in medicine. Do not confuse some of them. For example, a symptom of Kocher – this is the first sign of appendicitis manifested as wandering pain. Same name to denote another symptom that relates to eye surgery and is a violation of the functioning of the upper eyelid.