Essential classics jewelry

Form the base loop simple round, oval or elongated. Can represent curved in several planes figure. But all the basic loops classic decorations always are symmetric. The chain is a repetitive mash of different units.

Each base loop has its own name. For example, anchor chain consists of the connection links in the form of oval or circular loops are located in two planes. Links of curb chain pre-treated diamond cutter, getting from one to several faces. The thickness and variety of hinges in one link, as well as additional decorative treatment of the underlying netting is divided into many derivatives.

For example, the main link anchor double chain consists of a symmetrical connection of the loops round and oval. Tubular elongated chain - from processed decorative hinges oblong. Decoration can weave not only of the loops of various shapes, but also of many thin wires type harness or braid. Such chains are the rope. Be a special kind of flat chain belt weaving. The technology of their production is particularly complex and time consuming. However, despite the costly production process, they are not durable, prone to frequent deformation.

Fancy chain. For whom to choose?

Jewelry enterprises have their own production, produce of chain, depending on the state of demand in the market. You can see several hundred derivative types. Basic weaving chains are divided into classical and modern. The first type of nettings include curb and anchor, to the second - Figaro, spike, love, cord, rombo, snail, other.

Loop chains of modern weaving are quite complicated. One link may not always consist of the same loops. Experts use new techniques of decorative treatment units. This creates additional effects for perception.

In addition to decorative, chains have a functional purpose. They are used with a pendant or pendant. Picking up the chain, pay attention to the harmonious combination of ornaments. Also chain choose, given the age of the people. For adults, more suitable will be the classic types of weaves, and for the young modern fantasy chain. More decorations are selected depending on toilet - formal or casual.