Gold chain is both simple and unique decoration. All variants of its execution is simply impossible to count – variety of weave and size, hollow and solid, long and short, with pendants or without them. Invariably only one thing – their unusual popularity, both among women and among men. Since ancient times, the contribution of funds in gold was considered a great investment, devoid of the risk of bankruptcy. The cost and weight of gold chains depends on their size, the composition of the starting material and method of manufacture.

What determines the weight of a gold chain

To give a definite answer to the question, how much do you weigh gold chains, impossible. In itself, this metal is quite heavy, but the weight of such products depends on many other factors and parameters.

The amount of wasted material, respectively, and the weight of the product is influenced by the method of weaving chains. The harder it is, the higher its weight. For example, a chain of simple links small size length 60 cm can be no more than 50 grams of weight. But a complex weave with tight fit wide gold strips (weaving "cone" or "Persian") increases the weight of the product twice, with the same length.

Quality alloy, so-called gold alloy, also influences its weight. The sample indicates the quantity of pure precious metal in the alloy composition from which made the product, and the quality of impurities affects its weight – the heavier, the additional metal, the more will weigh chain. But Supplement solid gold necessary, as it is naturally very soft and pliable to external influences. The chain of the purest gold to carry it would be impossible – it would collapse. Accordingly, the higher the fineness of gold, the material is softer, but at the same time, more expensive, and products with lower content of cherished metal is stronger and cheaper.

How to choose a gold chain

To choose the decoration only to its weight not in any case. Before going to the jewelry store you need to answer the questions: how often do you expect to wear the chain, whether it is to complement the pendant and if so, how? How much money will be spent on the purchase? Before you opt for a particular option, you need to verify its quality and strength. Many unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers can issue a pollinated gold metal for his clean. You need to inspect the joints between the elements of the clasp with links of chain, there can be not visible place.