Currently, the weaving chain is machine and hand methods. Kinds of machine weaving gold chains are "anchor" and "armored". For products made in these techniques, easy to care for, they are quite durable to wear. The anchor of the weaving units located in two planes, armored in the same plane. These gold chains are very massive and strong, so they are mostly men.

More complex and sturdy machine weave circuits is a technique called "Bismarck", its characteristic feature is the track in three or four rows. Such chains of gold particularly massive, they love to wear men who prefer the flamboyant style.

Widespread flat chain, their links, consisting of several rings, connected by a perpendicular. Among them there are such ways of netting as "Cleopatra", "Montreal", "serpentine", "parigina", "Celtic knot". Chain with a rectangular section of netting are called "Venetian", "Croce".

The most difficult to produce are twisted chain, or "Korda". This type of weaving is complex connection links, so that the product gets the sophisticated look of flowing ribbon. These ornaments are choosing females.

Weave "Figaro" has many different variations. It combines rings and loops of various sizes, forming a unique pattern that is repeated throughout the length of the chain.

There are fancy chain. Weaving their names are: "Royal", "snail", "love", "bird's eye". These decorations look very light and airy due to the presence of various types of beads in the weave.

It is impossible to ignore and a bunch of braided gold chains as "laces" and "harnesses". Here the weave is more dense in the form of a snake.

Hand-braided gold chains has varieties such as: "rope", "Lord", "ear", "cardinal", "Pharaoh", "Fox tail", "hand Bismarck. Filigree is a special technique of jewelry that uses a openwork or soldered background of thin gold wire. The patterns made with the help of filigree, are famous for a huge variety. It's all kinds of Christmas trees, paths, ropes and laces.