A few years ago in beauty a new procedure called hair lamination. Over time it has become very popular despite its relatively high cost. The point of it is that using a special composition of hair covered with a thin film, as is done in the lamination of paper, hence the name. This procedure there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of lamination of hair

Invisible film provides thickening hair, bonding their scales, as well as increasing the volume and giving a natural Shine. Lamination is positioned hairdressers not only as a way to give the hair a beautiful Shine, but also as an opportunity to improve them. Protect hair from negative influence of environment is very relevant in today's world that offers the procedure.

The barbers claim that the lamination is absolutely harmless, and even useful, as the applied tool, there are only natural colors and no ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The composition also includes a considerable number of wheat proteins strengthen and nourish hair. Some medical professionals doubt the veracity of these claims considering that this is just a marketing ploy.

Another advantage of the lamination long-term preservation of the bright color of dyed hair. It also becomes easier to do the stacking as the resulting polymer film is heated under the influence of a stream of hot air.

The maximum duration of the visible results is 3 weeks. Then the procedure must be repeated. Best appearance after lamination is observed in the dark color hair.

The damage from the lamination of hair

If the hair are naturally heavy and dense, better not to burden them even more this procedure. Because of the additional load on the hair follicles may soon begin an intensive hair loss. If you use cosmetics and do styling using a Hairdryer and straightening irons, the process can further be accelerated.

Trichologists claim that when the effect of lamination goes on there, it causes the greatest harm. Destroyed external scales that gives the hair from becoming dry and brittle. This leads to the fact that the girls used to the procedure and conduct it continuously to restore the healthy appearance of hair again and again.

Before resorting to lamination, it is necessary to think carefully whether it is necessary and to assess the condition of the hair. It should be remembered that this is still a cosmetic procedure rather than a health, so you must first treat the hair by other means.