Metal skewer

Reliable option which will serve for many years is a spit of steel rods. It will require more effort, but will be repaid with interest. It is important to choose the right metal it must be stainless steel of high density. It is not necessary to use rods of alloy materials, which include lead, zinc, tin, bismuth.

For greater strength it is better to use not one, but several bars, cook or twisting them with each other. At least one of them must be long enough to lay on the stands of pillars of the brazier. The total thickness of the metal can vary depending on what will be the weight of the meat. For the usual kebabs 100-200 g will fit the spit with a thickness of 0.7 cm, the carcass of rabbit or chicken will stand rod thickness 0.9-1.7 cm, cooking lamb or suckling pig requires a more robust design — at least 1.2-1.5 cm.

It is important to choose the right cross section of the rotisserie. If it is round, Browning meat without bones can be a problem, even in the presence of additional teeth. Flat spit, is likely to be not strong enough and will SAG under the weight of the carcass. Ideal — triangular or square section, the meat will not rotate and slip off.

Be sure to weld to the spit at least one pair of teeth to hold the meat and a long, curved handle for rotation. Whether, if any provision of the rotation of the roaster will fix.

Wooden skewer

In the field, in the forest or field, it is possible to boil the carcass of a small animal using a wooden skewer. It is better to use fresh alder-wood, walnut or maple, they differ in the desired strength and not burn so quickly.

For this you need to choose the durable smooth branch with a few forks in the road and clear it from the bark. One of the forks will become the handle for rotation, the next prongs to hold the meat. The end of the branch should be well sharpened, to the carcass easily attached to it. On the other hand, it is convenient if the end of the skewer is slightly bent or has a different mounting method, not to fly outside support.

Further, on both sides of the fire need to install support — forked up strong branches. These wooden fork and laid the spit with the carcass of the animal. You can use any other Foundation options: piled on top of other bricks, metal barrels.