You will need
  • Fan, three halogen lamps with reflectors, white silk, the capacity in the form of a bowl
We will do a simulation of fire in the bowl. The Assembly of such a device would not require much effort. For the manufacture of the lamp with the flame simulation will require a large size fan, three halogen lamps with reflectors, silk white, capacity.
You should first prepare the vehicle for faux - fire. Best of all, if it is like the capacity of the bowl. Such a bowl can be choose, and can be made independently, based on the pattern for the mirror light used discos. The Cup sizes are determined by the size of the fan and the size of the room in which you plan to expose the spectacle.
The fan mount on the bottom of the bowl that it is in working condition drove the air out. In a bowl fix the three halogen lamps. The lamp must be positioned on the same axis in the center (above the fan) and edges. At a distance of 2 cm from each lamp, strengthen glass filters red, yellow, and orange. The Central lamp is recommended to use a blue filter, it will give the flame a more exotic look.
The next step is the strengthening of rags. Slice of white silk, a few rags, trying to make them different in size. Pieces of tissue should be done in the form of irregular triangles – this will help to create a better simulation of flames. To strengthen tissue for any of the elements of the design of the bowl is closer to the fan.
Flame simulator is ready. Turn your device into a network. You will see how scraps of silk themselves rise above the fan and begin to tremble, like a real flame. On the ceiling will appear to glare, as if the room lit a real fire. Despite the highly realistic flame, it is absolutely safe in the fire relation. This original lamp can be used for decoration at home, office, or used in the device of lighting effects in discos.