Exclude from the diet of fried, fatty and spicy foods for a few days before the date analysisand. Refrain from taking even mild alcoholic beverages, as they are, albeit slightly, but by a change of the qualitative composition of the blood.
Donate blood on an empty stomach or stand for at least two hours after a meal. Meal increases the level of leukocytes, therefore, the result of the analysisand commissioned on a full stomach, will be inaccurate. Before the test, do not drink anything but water. Other drinks, like food, change the composition of the blood.
Refrain from Smoking for several hours prior to the visit to the lab.
Do not donate blood earlier than 12 hours after conducting a rectal examination, physiotherapy treatment, x-ray.
Avoid strenuous exercise the day before delivery of the analysis. Emotional stress is also contraindicated.
Do not donate blood immediately after arrival in the laboratory. Sit down, relax, take a break for 15 minutes. The heavier was the road (public transport, fast-walking, climbing stairs), the more time is needed to make qualitative and quantitative composition of the blood returned to normal.
Donate blood before treatment. Receiving medication (hormonal drugs, antibiotics, painkillers and other drugs) affects the reliability of the results of the analysis. If the therapy has already started and cannot be interrupted, check with your doctor for what period of time is derived from the blood of a drug. The same applies to the dietary Supplement.
If you rent a clinical analysis of a blood in dynamics, see in the same laboratory, where the study was conducted. In different places can have different reference values, often different methods of counting cells, using different devices. The result can be a large error when comparing results.