For the treatment of superficial skin wounds dilute the solution is optional, if its concentration is 0.05%. This is especially true of purulent wounds and postoperative seams that long to heal. To enhance the effect, can dilute chlorhexidine alcohol at the rate of 1:1. In leather processing, there can be unpleasant sensations: burning, pain, redness etc. But the extent of healing they will weaken and does take place.
For douching, it is recommended to dilute chlorhexidine 0.02%. For breeding, use clean boiled water. Douching is usually carried out 1-2 times a day during inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the vagina, cervical erosion and other gynecological problems until the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Apply the product on prescription.
To rinse throat dissolve 1 tablespoon in 200 ml of water. Rinse several times a day, can and more often, especially if you are suffering from purulent tonsillitis. For the treatment of throat can be used undiluted solution - just dampen a cotton swab and treat sore throat.
All order chlorhexidine is applied only after consultation with a specialist and then as adjuvant treatment. Though it has antimicrobial properties, but to win a strong inflammation is still not in force. It can also cause allergic reactions, so be careful.