Can I douche pregnant?

In addition to the availability of the testimony of such medical treatments there are some contraindications. Not permitted douching during menstruation, and in the first weeks after childbirth or abortion. Many gynecologists refer to the contraindications for this procedure and various diseases, and some health professionals believe the main factor precluding douching, it is the pregnancy.

However, doctors often prescribe such a procedure in pregnant patients for the treatment of candidiasis (thrush), they must warn that douching can be carried out not more than 5 days.

Why during pregnancy prohibit douching

During such procedures can clean up the normal (natural) microflora of the vagina, and as a result of its protective function is significantly weakened. It threatens a pregnant woman with the emergence of various infectious processes.

In addition, the infection can go from patient to fetus. Normal cervix the mucous plug is closed, thereby protecting the body of a child from any intrusion. However, in the last weeks of pregnancy the cervix is already slightly open, and then the tube begins to move away. If the pressure pouring of the liquid becomes too strong, the latter can penetrate the cervix.

In this pathological condition, as isthmic-cervical insufficiency, threatened abortion, the cervix can be slightly open at gestational age 20-30 weeks.

Today, many gynecologists believe that douching during the period of pregnancy can lead to spontaneous miscarriage. Therefore, they believe that pregnant women should avoid this treatment. However, some experts if necessary to still prescribe douching for expectant mothers. Usually doctors insist on a course of such procedures does not exceed 5 days.

If you decide to douche during pregnancy, you need to carefully and responsibly to comply with sanitary rules and norms. Exercising procedure, be very careful and neat – try to enter the solution only under minimal pressure. Use a solution of baking soda or infusion of calendula, chamomile or St. John's wort. But better ask the gynecologist at whom you are observed, all the subtleties and nuances of carrying out douching during pregnancy.