For the production of socks are made of various materials, but the most common is cotton. Second place is occupied by polyester and wool. In addition, socks can be made of nylon, rayon or bamboo fiber. More expensive options are made of silk, but they can not boast of high quality and practicality, although have an attractive appearance.


This material breathes well, is hygienic and able to provide good insulation. In addition, it is quite durable, does not require special care and, no less importantly, has a very reasonable cost.

But remember that cotton socks can be of different quality. For example, too cheap products are of not very presentable appearance and wear quickly and that's mercerized cotton socks more practical and attractive enough.


Socks made of such material as flax have excellent hygroscopicity and air permeability. Providing good insulation and high wear resistance. The only drawback of such products is the high price, and on sale they are extremely rare.

Polyester and nylon

Nylon or polyester socks are one of the most inexpensive, as they have very low quality: they are not as hygienic (not breathable), not keep warm. However, if the socks are composed of, for example, 80% cotton and 20% polyester — you can feel free to buy them. A small amount of polyester or nylon products it is better to keep own form.


This synthetic material has good air permeability and hygienic. Socks made of viscose affordable, have an attractive appearance and high wear resistance.


In fact, the modal is a more advanced kind of viscose. This material has a very high hygroscopic (higher than cotton), good appearance, nice touch texture and sufficiently high strength. Modal socks do not shrink, do not fade, have excellent elasticity and can withstand multiple washes.

As for the price, the socks of this material is on average a bit more expensive than, for example, a mixture of cotton with polyester or cheap cotton in its purest form.

Bamboo fiber

One of the novelties that appeared in the sale not so long ago socks made of bamboo fiber. They have good breathability and quite pleasant in appearance. But the high wear resistance of such products can not boast. The price of these socks are much higher than those of cotton products.


Be sure to purchase only those socks that fit your size. Big socks will crawl with his legs and gather in ugly harmonica, and a little — very stretched, with the result that their service life is significantly reduced. In order to buy matching socks, just tell the seller the size of your shoes.