Than good cotton socks

The most important advantage of cotton socks in front of the bamboo is low-cost. If you are not used to frequently wear the same article of clothing and prefer to regularly change socks, you are such a good option anymore. In addition, it is often cotton goods used in cases where the correct thing for a while: for example, in camping trips. They will provide comfort, after which they can be easily replaced by a new pair.

Cotton socks are less whimsical care. In the wash and wear they fall less than the bamboo. Especially good in this issue articles of mercerising cotton: they are resistant to abrasion, not deformed and not sit when washing and drying, do not fade, are durable. Such products excellent moisture, therefore are well suited for both hot days and for use in cold weather combined with a very warm shoes.

Bamboo socks: the main advantages

Socks made from material using bamboo fiber are soft and comfortable. They are very pleasant to the touch, which is especially important for people with sensitive skin. These products are better than cotton to absorb moisture and are breathable, so comfortable to walk in them.

By itself, bamboo fiber is not too strong, so it breaks and wears away faster than mercuryloungeny cotton. However, this does not mean that the bamboo socks is short-lived. To prolong their service life, manufacturers add material spandex, polyamide, elastane, and nylon. With the right mix of fibers can significantly increase the strength of the fabric.

Bamboo socks have excellent antibacterial properties and this is one of their most important advantages over cotton. This makes them particularly well-suited people, often suffering from fungal diseases. In addition, if you regularly wear bamboo socks and to observe basic hygiene, you'll be much less likely to face such a problem as the unpleasant smell coming from the feet.

Finally, socks from fabric using bamboo fiber cotton much more comfortable and can be used in all weather conditions. In hot weather they provide good air circulation and quickly eliminate the sweat, and in cold weather help keep you warm. Bamboo socks cotton much better job of temperature regulation.