Disorder of the baby chair (otherwise it is called diarrhea) can be due to various reasons. Especially often this problem occurs in babies breastfed. Physicians often assess the health of the baby is not only the consistency of the feces, but also various impurities that may be detected.

The presence of mucus in baby's stool is not always a pathology. Sometimes it's pretty natural. Because in this way the intestines of the child brings the acid and alkali from the stomach. However, it should be very clear, when the situation is critical and requires medical help.

Causes of stool with mucus from a baby

If the baby is breastfed, the cause of stool with mucus may be the improper diet of the mother. For example, if a woman is really attracted to sweet or fatty foods, and eat food that is contraindicated during breastfeeding, the baby will start digestive problems.

In some cases, mothers are recommended to take the test for sterility of milk. After all, there are cases when there is pathogenic microflora, influence negatively on the health of the baby. However, such a diagnosis does not mean that you have to finish lactation. Go through a treatment that doctors prescribe.

Problem the stool the child may appear and people with lactose intolerance. In this case, it is necessary to abandon breastfeeding, replacing it with a lactose-free food mixtures.

Often the child having problems with the chair in the background of the introduction of complementary foods. For example, if the baby does not tolerate any vegetables or fruits, his intestines could quickly respond to this functional disorder.

Mucus in stool and diarrhea can develop after antibiotic treatment. Immunity a small child is still very weak, so to get an infection that requires serious treatment is so simple. Corrected the situation in this case, the receiving bifidopreparatom.

Sometimes doctors say irregularity and the appearance of a slime in the background of various changes in the baby's life. For example, it is stressful, is in continual agitation, changed the climate, the mode of the day, it hurts.

Diarrhea can be a consequence of regular overeating. After all, if a child receives an excessive amount of food his body is not able to adequately metabolize the surplus. So they manifest in the form of a liquid chair and fragments of mucus in it.

Also, problems with a chair can be symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as gastroenteric or colitis.

When mucus in stool dangerous

The dangerous nature of mucus indicates its frequent appearance in the feces of the baby. In addition, equally important is the number of such selections. For example, if the fragments of mucus is noticeable and quite large in size, it povoda to show the baby the doctor.

If the child has the following symptoms:
green mucus in the feces;
- overly watery and loose stools;
- frequent bowel movements (at least 6 times a day);
- unpleasant smell of feces;
- increased body temperature at the same time,

then it can be argued that the kid has some kind of intestinal infection. In itself it may not be as dangerous as the complications that the infection causes. Especially scary for babies is dehydration, which develops quite quickly against the background of fluid loss in the feces. It is therefore necessary to pay special attention to the drinking regime of the baby. Will definitely have to add dobivanie water or an electrolytic solution to recover salts in the body. The treatment must appoint a physician.