Common causes of diarrhea

In certain diseases, not only changes the state of the baby, but also the nature of liquid stool. Mushy or watery stool with undigested food particles, blood, pus, mucus indicates the poisoning of the body with food. As a rule, in this case, there is a sharp odor. With a variety of infections of the intestinal tract is found foam chair, which is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, sharp pains in the abdomen, change in body temperature.

In children common causes of diarrhea are:
- failure to observe the rules of hygiene;
- violation of diet;
- intolerance to certain foods;
- allergic reactions;
- dysbacteriosis of the intestine;
- infectious diseases;
- climate change;
- teething, etc.

Remedy for diarrhea in a child

Frequent bowel movements leading to loss of fluid, resulting in the child developing dehydration. In this case, General weakness, increased drowsiness, loss of appetite. It is therefore necessary to find effective methods of dealing with diarrhea.
If the reason is hidden in violation of the food, give your child antidiarrheal drugs (Loperamide) or sorbents ("Smectite", "Rehydron", activated carbon), then quickly restored the work of the intestine. When feeding infants avoid overeating or sudden introduction in the diet of new products. Kids are encouraged to replace one feeding with a decoction of chamomile or plain water to maintain the water-salt balance is normal.

If diarrhea is accompanied by intestinal cramps and increased flatulence, should give the baby "Drops" or "Sub-simplex". The presence of pain and spasms in the stomach requires therapy effective of the antispasmodics, taking into account age.

At home, prepare a healing herbal teas:
- pour 1 tbsp collection of fennel, oak bark, sage Cup of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes on a slow fire, then take small portions during the day;
- take 1 tbsp. l. collection of rhizomes mountaineer snake, chamomile flowers, plantain leaves, bilberry fruit in the ratio of 4:4:5:5 in a glass of hot water, put in a water bath, and then give her 1 tsp twice a day before eating;
- 1 tbsp of cherry fruit and blueberries in a glass of water, drink ¼ Cup three times a day.

It is impossible to self-medicate with frequent foamy stool in children the first year of life, a sharp temperature rise on the background of disorders of the chair, abdominal pain, skin rash appears on the body, blood admixtures in feces. In this case, immediately call the doctor in time to have the kid professional help.