Advice 1: What products you can replace the fish

Fish is considered one of the most useful products of animal origin. It has a lot of easily digestible proteins and fatty acids. However, there are people who just don't like the fish. In addition, this product is a strong allergen. Therefore, an important question is what to replace the fish.
What products you can replace the fish

If you just don't like fish

Eating seafood is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis. Acids omega-3 contained in fatty fish, increase the efficiency of the brain, make blood vessels more elastic, promote the dissolution of cholesterol plaques.

However, the misuse of this product is fraught with troubles. In particular, if the fish is undercooked, that is the risk of catching intestinal parasites. In addition, the river varieties are often the "fount" of harmful substances that the fish absorbed through contaminated water.

There is a solution – use other seafood caught in clean ocean waters. These include: shrimp, mussels, squid and many others. Minus the seafood that they need to eat fresh, without pre-freezing. But such products are expensive and not available in every region.

If you have allergies

Often refuse to make fish not taste preferences, and basic intolerance of the body. Indeed, fish is a powerful allergen, can trigger anaphylactic shock from the first bite.

If you are looking for something to replace the fish, and don't want to eat meat, lean on dairy products. Cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt – is a great easy sources of animal protein that can replace fish and meat.

Also, you should include in the diet of egg dishes – omelettes, eggs welded soft-boiled, etc. But one must always keep in mind if you are allergic to fish, it is possible that your body will not accept, and the yolks with the lactose. Then it is necessary to revise menu in favor of plant foods.

If you are a vegetarian

Those who refused to animal food, are constantly looking for new products instead of fish and meat. Their range is much wider than it might seem at first.

In the first place worth mentioning are the rich sources of vegetable protein like beans. The most valuable of them is lentils, containing a large amount of iron. However, don't overuse legumes, as they can cause flatulence.

But tofu, made from soy milk, you can eat almost without limit. The advantage of tofu in isoflavones that stimulate the production of enzymes that support the health of blood vessels and circulatory system, preventing heart attacks and strokes.

In addition, an excellent replacement fish are seeds, nuts and vegetable oil, particularly linseed. These products contain large amounts of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and contribute to the transformation of fat into energy.

Advice 2 : What foods can replace meat and fish

Many people, refusing to eat animal products, do not think about replacing their plant counterparts. As a result, their diet is monotonous and meager to the same may cause considerable damage to health.
Most nutritionists agree that when eating meat, people first begin to feel the lack of amino acids. Themselves vegans believe that the body of modern man is overloaded with proteins and cannot cope with their number. However, the main source of protein in vegetarian or vegan diet can be considered a variety of legumes. They must be included in the diet to compensate for the lack of fish and meat. In Georgian, Indian and Mexican cuisine has many interesting dishes of legumes, with their help you can easily diversify your diet.
Speaking of beans, not to mention soy, because soy protein is absorbed much easier than any other. Most vegetarians and vegans are actively using the products made on its basis. Soy meat, eggs, cream, ice cream, mayonnaise and more allow you to diversify your diet. We should also mention soy cheese tofu. There are many types of cheese - from soft cheese varieties almost to extremely hard, like Parmesan. Tofu has no taste and absorbs flavors well. So, if you fry it with the nori sheets, its taste is very much like a fish.
Seitan — a product is extremely popular among vegans and vegetarians. It is made from wheat flour, processed in a special way. As a result of complex processing consisting of seitan only pure protein. It is possible to cook rice, schnitzel, beef Stroganoff and other dishes.
If you have just moved to a vegan or vegetarian diet, abstain from regular white flour, because it is an extremely heavy product, the use of which can lead to unpleasant consequences. But do not neglect the cereal from raw grains — buckwheat, oats, rye, wheat or flax. Add to these cereals, the berries, fruit and dried fruit. By the way, the latter include not only dried apricots and raisins, but melon, mango, lychee, papaya and others, which contains many useful substances.
Sources of proteins and minerals are the nuts. Do not eat them in too large quantities, as it is very rich and fatty foods, but in reasonable amounts, they should be present in daily diet.
Do not neglect a variety of plant oils, remember that in addition to the olive and sunflower there are more linseed, sesame, mustard, palm and many others, which include the essential vitamins and saturated fatty acids.
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