Lean fish

The least fat and calories are in cod. According to these indicators, she slightly inferior to Pollock, haddock, seabass, perch and hake. For low-fat varieties of fish also include roach, pike, ruff, tench and river perch, Pollock, blue whiting, Grenadier, and cod. And although many of them have small bones, the meat of these fish is very pleasant to the taste and the tenderness. They should be included in the menu for those who suffer from obesity.

Moderate-fat varieties of fish include tuna, catfish, sea bass, mackerel, herring, and chum salmon, their fat content does not exceed 6%. A little more fat content in sea bream, crucian carp, lean herring, carp, trout, catfish and salmon. The calorie content of this fish varies from 90 to 150 kcal per 100 g of product, therefore they are also useful to include in the menu for those who want to lose weight without health problems.

Despite the small amount of fat, this fish will bring huge benefits to the body with its regular consumption. It contains elements such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, bromine and fluorine. Appreciate these types of fish and vitamins B12 and D.

How to cook low-fat fish is delicious

Lean fish can be no less tasty than its higher fat counterparts. However, to lose weight, prepare it is best steamed or in the oven with minimal oil. Walleye, for example, can be baked with vegetables in foil – then it will save all vitamins and useful substances. Just clean it from the scales and entrails, cut off the head and tail, thoroughly wash. Then cut into 2-3 parts and RUB a mixture of salt and pepper. The abdomen lay the slices of tomato, bell pepper and onion. Put walleye on foil, drizzle with lemon juice and wrap. Bake in the oven for about half an hour at a temperature of 180oC.

And sea bass is particularly tasty in a double boiler. For its preparation clean and gut the fish, wash thoroughly, dry and RUB with mixture of your favorite herbs and salt. Put the steamer in place with pieces of treated carrots, and pour all the mixture of lemon and olive oil. Prepared sea bass serve with roasted vegetables or boiled, young asparagus.

Delicious low-fat and low-calorie fish is also on an open fire. Just bake it in foil. Small fish in this case, you can cook whole stuffed with lemon slices, herbs and slices of tomato. And the large is cut into pieces and put in foil on a bed of your favorite vegetables. To cook on an open fire it is enough for 5-7 minutes on each side.