Most nutritionists agree that when eating meat, people first begin to feel the lack of amino acids. Themselves vegans believe that the body of modern man is overloaded with proteins and cannot cope with their number. However, the main source of protein in vegetarian or vegan diet can be considered a variety of legumes. They must be included in the diet to compensate for the lack of fish and meat. In Georgian, Indian and Mexican cuisine has many interesting dishes of legumes, with their help you can easily diversify your diet.
Speaking of beans, not to mention soy, because soy protein is absorbed much easier than any other. Most vegetarians and vegans are actively using the products made on its basis. Soy meat, eggs, cream, ice cream, mayonnaise and more allow you to diversify your diet. We should also mention soy cheese tofu. There are many types of cheese - from soft cheese varieties almost to extremely hard, like Parmesan. Tofu has no taste and absorbs flavors well. So, if you fry it with the nori sheets, its taste is very much like a fish.
Seitan — a product is extremely popular among vegans and vegetarians. It is made from wheat flour, processed in a special way. As a result of complex processing consisting of seitan only pure protein. It is possible to cook rice, schnitzel, beef Stroganoff and other dishes.
If you have just moved to a vegan or vegetarian diet, abstain from regular white flour, because it is an extremely heavy product, the use of which can lead to unpleasant consequences. But do not neglect the cereal from raw grains — buckwheat, oats, rye, wheat or flax. Add to these cereals, the berries, fruit and dried fruit. By the way, the latter include not only dried apricots and raisins, but melon, mango, lychee, papaya and others, which contains many useful substances.
Sources of proteins and minerals are the nuts. Do not eat them in too large quantities, as it is very rich and fatty foods, but in reasonable amounts, they should be present in daily diet.
Do not neglect a variety of plant oils, remember that in addition to the olive and sunflower there are more linseed, sesame, mustard, palm and many others, which include the essential vitamins and saturated fatty acids.