Plastic clutches-boxes

New last season clutch bags-boxes, made of plastic in bright colors. Such clutches may be encrusted with large rhinestones, with pearl ornaments or other intricate patterns. For example, the clutches Edie Parker meet amusing inscriptions, shimmering stars and crescents. Have a model made in the fruit themes, with images of cherries, watermelon or oranges.

The most popular limited line of plastic clutches. So, in some parts of the animal series – you can choose an unusual clutch-box with a picture of a giraffe, a Flamingo or a Toucan. Of accessories from Charlotte Olympia's handbags for Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs. To wear such an unusual handbag in the hand or over the shoulder. Kit with plastic clutch box will be sure to complement the classic black pumps.

Unfortunately, plastic bags from Edie Parker and Charlotte Olympia is one drawback – their price starts from thousands of dollars.

Colored quilted handbags

American brand Rebecca Minkoff every year becomes more and more popular. Price 100 – $ 200 makes the bags of this manufacturer much more accessible dear Chanel, Furla, Alexander Wang, Givenchy and others, but the high quality Rebecca Minkoff is always the same.

Quilted leather handbags Rebecca Minkoff on a Golden or silvery chain, look very elegant, but the shade selection of models allows you to add variety to the wardrobe and make it more refined and unusual. Undoubtedly, models, ultramarine, orange, Burgundy, hot pink, lilac and lemon blossom allocate their possessor from the crowd. Wearing a bright quilted bag with business clothes and casual clothes in a casual style.

An unusual shopper

Fabric bag essential for shopping and for those who are not willing to pay for accessories fabulous sums. Look for unusual bags should be at fairs of the day, such as Sunday Up Market, IDEA fix, "Afisha picnic", "Paradise Apples", festivals and other Seasons. In the market you can find cotton and linen eco-friendly bags, felt and canvas bags, shopping bags with designer illustrations, bags with pictures favorite writers or prints of urban landscapes. There you can find sellers that will take your favorite image on a plain fabric – in this case, the fabric shopper will be truly unique. The cost of this product ranges from 250 to 700 roubles.