Picking up the bag to the clothes, decide to start with your overall style. Agree that petite clutch will look ridiculous with sports clothing or with a heavy winter coat. In this case, size matters. A strict business suit involves the same strict bag without superfluous decorations, chains, rhinestones.
Rate the compatibility of materials of clothing and bags: leather or fabric, matte or lacquered. Try a bag with your chosen outfit in the mirror as you try on clothes. The texture of the fabric of the bag should harmonize with the texture of the fabric of clothing. For example, leather jacket or trousers with a straw bag (or a bag of similar natural materials) will look at least strange.
Only after that start to pick up the bag in color. Before it was decided to choose a bag to match to shoes. How would you convinced of the opposite, the fashion for such a combination is not passed. It's a classic, which is known to be eternal. Simple rules of selection of bags have become more democratic. Bag, shoes and strap of the same color still look very elegant on any woman.
If you choose a bag under a monochromatic outfit, keep the color of the bag were not identical to the color of the outfit. It is better to choose a bag in a darker or lighter shade or to play on the contrast. If the bag merged with clothing is not a style, a disguise or just a bust.
To the color of the bag you can find not only shoes and belts of the same color, but also shawls, scarves, gloves, and a chunky jewelry, glasses. Just ensure that the accents were placed with no frills. Just one or two accessories in the same colors as the bag, otherwise the image will look oversaturated.
Remember the General rules of color combining. Unexpected and vivid contrasts rarely look good. Keep in mind that your bag didn't seem inappropriate and a bright spot in the overall color scheme of the outfit. Universal color for any season is black only. For summer it has added a white color.