I hasten to upset you, you will not be able to find a bag that would suit all your outfits and would be appropriate in any situation. The exception is valid only if all your images are stylistically identical. But to do a few successful models is possible.

Do not rush to pick up their favorite the color of the shoes. It is no longer fashionable. It is better to see how the bag blends with the overall ensemble. You can pick up a bag in the color of the nails or other accessories. As long as it does not distract from the entire image.

Business bag

If you work, you can not do without a business bag. Choose a concise model without an abundance of unnecessary details the basic colors. Bag black, white, grey, red color will perfectly fit with your business wardrobe. It is better if you will have two business bags – one for hot and one for cold time of the year. But first, it is possible to do the same. Note that in the business bag should easily fit A4 size. This will facilitate the wearing of ID with you. Make sure about the presence in the bags of several departments of different sizes. You'll be able to conveniently place and quickly find your things.

Casual bag

Make sure to buy a versatile everyday bag. If you want to come to all, do not select bags with studs, bright prints, sequins and bright colors too. Is perfect for this role bag beige or black. It can be less than your business bag, but it's better that it was roomy enough. Then it will fit wallet, glasses, purse, umbrella and other important stuff. Don't try to save money, buy quality leather handbags of famous brands, and your favorite will serve you for years to come.


For formal or festive events, you can not do without a beautiful handbag – clutch. Enough, if it will only fit the need at hand things like your phone, lipstick, mirror, pocket napkins. Here you can go beyond the basic colors and textures, and choose something extravagant. But still carefully review their evening dresses before purchasing that your purse came to everything.

Bag on a chain

Sometimes, you just need to keep their hands free. In this case, you can use a small bag on a chain or long strap. In recent times, these bags are very popular. Fashionista and combine them with formal and sports outfits. With this handbag convenient to walk to the store, on dates, on a walk in the Park. Because it fits everything you need and nothing constrains movements.

Fashion guru Evelina khromtchenko once said: "When the woman picked up a new bag, she changed life." Treat yourself to buy an expensive-looking bags, and positive changes in your life you'll find.