General description of the breed

According to the standard, the growth of the miniature Pinscher in the withers should not exceed 30 cm and a weight of 5 kg. It is a slender, well-proportioned dog with well-developed skeleton and musculature. The front legs have pinchers a bit longer than the back. The face has a noticeable transition from forehead to nose, head planted on a graceful but strong neck. According to the standard, ears and tail cropped pinchers, but lately many owners are refusing. Pinschers are one - and two-tone, and tan markings they must have clearly defined borders.

The first breed standard was adopted in Germany in 1880, but it soon became popular throughout Europe, thanks to its characteristics: endurance and cheerful disposition. These dogs, although small in size, but are excellent manipulators, and task master is not to go on about them, but in this case the dog will not be stubborn or spoiled. It is a gentle and affectionate animals, perfect companions for energetic and noisy children's games, but they require a careful and accurate treatment. Like to bark and often in the house play the role of a door bell. Trained and intelligent, this dog must be trainable. The breed is just perfect for keeping in city apartments – it requires not much space, it is easily trainable and sheds very little. The average life expectancy of a miniature Pinscher 15 years, but the dog is required to provide the necessary care.

The care and feeding of miniature Pinscher

To the dog's coat has always been in good condition and were shiny enough after walking and several times a week, wiping it with a slightly damp towel. Not a long time to keep the dog in the heat Pinscher can suffer from heat stroke. Slight frost he can easily tolerate, because of its energy and mobility, but after -7оС he's starting to get cold paws. To carry Pinschers need supporting under the belly so as not to damage the tendon. They are prone to obesity, so they should ensure an active lifestyle and do not overfeed, especially since food these dogs require quite a bit.

To Pincher lived meted out to him by nature of the term, the diet must be varied and of high quality. Better if you can provide it with natural food, most of which should be raw beef, lamb or horse meat, liver and chicken meat. For the prevention of worms in the meat can sometimes add chopped raw garlic. And remove the plate of food right after feeding, which lasts no more than 10 minutes. It disciplinarum the dog and will help her to eat as much as she needs, just to get enough.