If used as Pets contained only cats and dogs, then today no one is surprised by the man walking with the dwarf pig, a chameleon or a turtle. The house began to hold giant snails, crocodiles, and in particular, the ornamental rabbits. Choosing at a flea market a pet, many prospective owners are interested in, how many years they live, do not want to bury the pet in 2-3 years, which will in time get used to it and love.

What determines their life expectancy

In many ways, the life expectancy of decorative and dwarfish rabbits depends on the conditions of their detention. Cage for pet, must be such that he was it is spacious. The room should be regularly ventilated, but drafts rabbits is contraindicated. Close proximity to other Pets and household appliances, such as TV, radio and electric stove will create a fuzzy a lot of inconvenience, the same can be said about the bright sun.

To extend the life of a Bunny, have to organize it "flat". Small plastic bath is ideal for regular natural needs. Daily cleaning only need the bath, the cage can be cleaned once in 7 days. Diet also largely determines the lifespan of rabbits.

Summer main dish on their table had grass and vegetable tops, and winter – hay. Really like rabbits tree branches and bark, they will not give up the carrots, cabbage, pears and apples. These Pets need a solid feed – wheat grains, oats, bran, rolled oats and special feed. It is best if the feeder is heavy and bulky, so that the animal could not turn, and as containers for drinking suitable nipple-drinker.

Caring for offspring

Caring for offspring also directly affects the life expectancy of rabbits. On the fertility of these animals is known to all, the number of kindling can be up to 8 times. If you provide the mother and offspring proper care, feeding regime, and to create all conditions for normal growth, then animals can live a long time – up to 8-9 years. Animal at the age of 3-4 years old is considered an adult after that age the process of ageing starts: males are not as active and females each time bring less rabbits. But if you love that pet, treat it gently, not to shout and not to frighten, he will long to please the household with their amusing games and habits.