To grow strong and healthy poultry is important since her birth approached correctly to the question about feeding. Ducks can be diluted with their use of the pond or, if there is none on the site, it is possible without it.

Food for the little ducklings

Just hatched ducklings feed not give. The fact that the egg, where they remained until hatching, contain nutrients, which can ducklings 1-2 days to be without food. But without water to keep them not worth it, to avoid dehydration.

When feeding from day one need for them to watch if they accept the food. To the ducklings learned to eat, chopped eggs, poured them back, and then the young begin to peck it with each other. If the ducklings will not and drink, you can die. To avoid this, it is necessary to pour from the pipette with water, diluted with potassium permanganate, a very weak solution. For the chicken feed will fit the same that they give to the chickens. That is, it should consist of hard-boiled chicken or duck eggs, finely chopped or minced. This food is spread in a small tray feeders or on a heavy paper. In the latter case, the paper replaced daily.

During the first week of life feed the ducks give 6-7 times in small portions. This should include low-fat cottage cheese, boiled egg and dairy products. At the same age, slowly introduce the composition of food and fresh chopped nettle. Don't forget daily to give the Chicks clean water.

What to feed grown ducks

In the second week life the feed is added the cooked root vegetables. From them prepare the mash, which add millet and greens. To the ducklings grow up healthy, they need to add calcium. It can be prepared by the following manner: finely ground egg shells or bones, can be taken as a starting material and shells. The mash can be prepared in milk or meat broth. Pure milk is not recommended, as the ducks will blow his more than drink. Older Chicks, you can add finely chopped fruit. With months of age they are given pellets. As additives suitable to grind fish waste, which contains many useful nutrients for the growing ducklings. Callous, dataplusvalue crust of black bread soaked with water and give the youngsters. To the mash is recommended to add the seeds of quinoa or sorrel. The growth of Chicks, feed them less frequently than weekly, and gradually move on to 3 meals a day.

With the onset of heat to release the young into the pond. Here they will find an additional power source. If the pond is not on land, ducks can be released to graze freely on grassy glade or meadow. They are happy to be pinching small grass. In rainy weather the ducks mow the greens and served in cages, where they are.

The contents and cultivation of ducklings is profitable even at suburban station, provided daily living there.