Many people mistakenly believe that turkeys need to be fed in the same manner as chickens. But turkeys are fed a completely different way. Their feeders must be of the form, prevent spillage of feed and water should be supplied in buckets. For feeding use a dry feed (grain and feed) and wet mash (pre-soaked and swollen grain rye).
In the cold season (autumn and winter) turkeys feed three times a day in warm (spring and summer) – 4-5 times. From morning to night bird let's the grain, with the grain of the morning through the day must be supplied from the sprouts.
Day turkeys offer wet mash. In the summer, to powdery feed, add the herbs and the grass, and in autumn and winter – chopped hay and grass meal. Especially useful in winter to give a dried nettle, which contains a lot of vitamin C. Tie it in bundles and dry in a utility room under the roof.
The most valuable component of the winter diet of turkeys is silage made from corn milk stage. It cut back in autumn, and in winter add to the mash. In the winter be sure to give turkeys carrots in any form – the best diet food. In addition to carrots offer the birds Rowan berries or the needles of pine, spruce, fir, rich in carotene and vitamin C.
In summer, the turkeys certainly let out to pasture, so the birds had the opportunity to eat insects, larvae, seeds of plants, as occurs in vivo. If pasture is no, then put in green fodder bundles nails or just put it in the nursery feeders that the turkeys were free to eat.
In day the adult birds (weighing 4 kg and productivity of 18-20 eggs) must obtain 120 g of grain, 120 g of boiled potatoes, 50 g of flour mixture, 30 g hay flour, 70 g, succulents or greenery, 15 g of meal, 10 g of shells, or chalk, 0.6 g salt, 5 g bone meal.
In the breeding season of turkeys feed 4-5 times a day, and males separate from the females and fertilize in the morning and evening cottage cheese, sprouted grain, carrots.
The Chicks in the first days after birth offer a hard-boiled egg and dusted in semolina. On the third day of life, you can give chopped greens, such as chopped green onions, however, give it only in the morning as the onion causes thirst. With two weeks of age the turkeys dry, offer a full feed, putting them in the automatic feeder once a day (only daylight hours).
The first two weeks of Turkey poults feed 8 times a day, try to do it in equal intervals of time. From an early age the Chicks are willing to eat greens, so more greens, clover, nettle, beet tops and carrots, cabbage. At the age of one month the Chicks should be eating 6 times a day, and then 5 times. The first feeding start at 5 a.m., the last at 8 PM.