Formally write a petition to the arbitration court directly during the meeting, handwritten on a piece of paper, but can do so only in extreme and urgent cases. The text may be written in any form, but the document need to be issued in accordance with GOST R 6.60-2003. To write it, in accordance with the requirements of the rules, you need sheets of paper of standard A4 size.
In its notional essence of the petition is a statement of arguments explaining the reason of the request to the court. It does not necessarily refer to any rule of law in the case when the requirements set forth in it, are legitimate and understandable. For example, if you seek to adjourn the hearing of the appeal. The court is obliged to accept such a document, review it and make a determination about how accepted or not accepted above request.
In that case, when you consider that the court in considering the merits of the case does not fulfil all the necessary procedural steps stipulated by the law, the petition must specifically set the task to clearly and properly set forth the request, with reference to the provisions of the law. Specify the versions of your request correctly and to the point. Your application in any case should not look like trying to tell the court, what he should do. Don't cross the line between persistence and specific formal advice.
When writing a petition in arbitration court try to avoid grammatical and punctuation errors. When you don't trust your competence, ask to check the text of the person who writes correctly. He will not only check the mistakes, but all of the text that he was logically and consistently presented was comprehensible.
A single sample application does not exist, because each case from the courtebnoy practice unique. But if your case is the simplest, the samples of motions to transfer the case or about the proceedings in the absence, etc. can be found on the Internet. In General, the header of the document, specify the position, rank, surname and initials of the court ofLu, the name of the arbitration courtand the case number. You also need to specify what the request, formulating it in one sentence. The rest of the text write-in fact your request.