Claim and other statements in the civil and arbitration processes can contain requirements for one or multiple defendantM. However, the presence of the second Respondent may find in the course of consideration of civil dispute.
To attract a legal or natural person as the second defendant can only court. Request for involvement withthe defendant may be filed as a plaintiff and a person involved in a civil case as a defendant.
Such a motion is addressed to the judge dealing with the case. It is advisable to place it in writing. The petition must specify the details of the organization or the physical person who, in your opinion, should be involved in the process as a codefendant.And most importantly, of course, the reasons for the necessity of attraction to participation in business of the second defendant. They may, for example, combines the provision of services under the contract, partial succession, etc. All your arguments should be documented – ask to petition the court to adduce the relevant papers.
The petition may be submitted in person to the judge during a court hearing or in the period of time between meetings through the office of the court. In the latter case, do not forget to specify in the petition a case number, name of judge and name of the parties to the case.