You will need
  • script;
  • - multimedia equipment:
  • - school photos;
  • - videos:
  • - several concert performances;
  • - Banquet hall;
  • a wireless microphone;
  • - flowers.
Arrange with classmates or fellow students, where you will meet. Typically, schools and universities organize evening for its alumni, but this should be clarified in advance. You can first meet at school, and then go to a cafe or restaurant. But the hall must be booked in advance, especially if you are going to school by the company. Basically the reunion of high school graduates are held on the first Saturday of February, and to find in this day of free dining might be problematic.
Write a script. On the part of the festival, which will be held in the school, don't worry, unless you work there as the organizer of cultural events. Think about what will be in the cafe. It hardly makes sense to order separately concert. Surely among your classmates there are Amateur artists who displayed their creativity in school. Talk to them and see who is what number can show. Make a rough list.
Let's see what materials you have. If your classmates live basically in your same city, you can order a video on them or remove it themselves. Shooting can be done at home, at work, at the cottage, just on the street. Let each of my classmates will say a few words about yourself and your life. Alternatively is to offer each to tell who he wanted to become in childhood and who I've become.
Gather pictures. Scan them and make a presentation. Try to remember the moments when the pictures were taken. Remember funny stories from school life.
Decide whether you will invite to the feast in a cafe favorite teachers. The script include the moment when you congratulate. Prepare the flowers and arrange who will be their to give.
Write a program for. Think of your words of welcome. The opening speech should not be too long. You can choose or compose a short poem about school. You can start with songs about school. Think in advance of some of the first toast. Determine the sequence of events. Numbers of Amateur performances should alternate with toast. The participants of the event should be a time to talk. Surely someone wants to dance. Even if you take a finished script, adapt it for your class.
Prepare the soundtrack. If you hire an engineer, tell him your wishes. On the evening of the meeting should be mainly sound works, popular in your high school years. But you can enable more suitable for the mood of modern songs and dances. Write in what time what kind of music you need to put. Consider how you will finish the evening. The most common option is to declare farewell dance. Before him you need to say kind words. You can offer to meet in a year or two, as you have taken.
Even if you have a very good memory, reprint the script and put it in a beautiful folder. Learn to speak into the radio microphone. Such evenings usually do not do without the alcohol. But if you took his lead, you will have to do it sober and keep the situation under control.